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T   iny streams flow to the river

R   acing along the rigid floor

I    t glares ahead hoping to discover the ocean

B    ecoming bigger and bigger

U   niting  fellow friends to come join the protest

T   ackling all in its way

A   rriving at the ocean

R   esting from its journey

I   ts belly filled of water life

E   xicted to be out to the great blue ocean

S   afe and sound the ocean glides gently deeper into the ocean


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Can you write a description about this fantastic goal scored by Bobby Charlton in the 1966 world cup?
What similes, metaphors, adjectives could you use to describe it?

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Try and write a poem about the summer and the sunshine we are having at the moment!

You could write it in the style of Terry Caffery – It was so hot that…

Or you could make it up completely on your own! The winning poem will get a prize from the box.

You might like to listen to the song that is with this post. It is a song by The Beatles!

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As part of our persuasive writing topic in English the children selected four nominees to be class president. They have been working in teams to try and get their nominee elected!

Leave a comment here saying who you think will win! What will your team do for the school if you are elected?

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Find out on this website very shorty… Who could it have been? Make your guesses now!

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