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T   iny streams flow to the river

R   acing along the rigid floor

I    t glares ahead hoping to discover the ocean

B    ecoming bigger and bigger

U   niting  fellow friends to come join the protest

T   ackling all in its way

A   rriving at the ocean

R   esting from its journey

I   ts belly filled of water life

E   xicted to be out to the great blue ocean

S   afe and sound the ocean glides gently deeper into the ocean


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What is the best book you have read so far this year? What makes the book so good? Write a short review of the book here!

The best childrens book I have read so far this year is War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. It is fantastic!

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Can you write a description about this fantastic goal scored by Bobby Charlton in the 1966 world cup?
What similes, metaphors, adjectives could you use to describe it?

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After sharing ideas about how to improve the website, the class have come up with a fantastic idea.

There is now a place to blog about what you have found difficult during school. If someone blogs about something they found hard but you understand well, leave a comment to explain and help them out!

Also leave any links to websites that will help with SATS revision!

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When you find an interesting word in the stories you read, steal it and add it to this wallwisher

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New CCTV footage has emerged!

Kola – I can’t beleive you would do that to me!

Year 5, are you suprised at the culprit?!


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Find out on this website very shorty… Who could it have been? Make your guesses now!

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