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We love to read!


What is the best book you have read so far this year? What makes the book so good? Write a short review of the book here!

The best childrens book I have read so far this year is War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. It is fantastic!

Improve our blog!



In English we have been writing biographies. Our work has focused on the life of Martin Luther King.
Can you recreate the famous “I have a dream” speech? Write your own speech – what do you dream about? It can be anything!

Old football stars!

Can you write a description about this fantastic goal scored by Bobby Charlton in the 1966 world cup?
What similes, metaphors, adjectives could you use to describe it?

Help! I’m stuck!

After sharing ideas about how to improve the website, the class have come up with a fantastic idea.

There is now a place to blog about what you have found difficult during school. If someone blogs about something they found hard but you understand well, leave a comment to explain and help them out!

Also leave any links to websites that will help with SATS revision!

Word Burglar

When you find an interesting word in the stories you read, steal it and add it to this wallwisher