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African Art Work

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What do you think of our art work? Leave a comment to let us know which ones you like and why!

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Welcome to your blog. What would you like to see added to the site? Do you know any cool websites we could add a link for? What picture could we have at the top of the site?

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Goodbye Year 6 and the best of luck for the future! We will miss you all. Here is your leaving video!

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SATS are over!

Well done everybody!

 How did you feel during the exams? Are you pleased they are over? Do you think they went well?

Leave a post!

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T   iny streams flow to the river

R   acing along the rigid floor

I    t glares ahead hoping to discover the ocean

B    ecoming bigger and bigger

U   niting  fellow friends to come join the protest

T   ackling all in its way

A   rriving at the ocean

R   esting from its journey

I   ts belly filled of water life

E   xicted to be out to the great blue ocean

S   afe and sound the ocean glides gently deeper into the ocean

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W eeee! the water yells as it jumps of the rocky mountain

A crobatic with its air-lined body

T ouched by spray of crystal clear light

E xcited of the competion thats about to start

R unning down with graviyt by its side

F ace first crashing into the horizontal stream

A ll excitment over too fast too soon

L ost in the moment of the dive

L onging for the moment to do it again

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